Chinguacousy Park and 8 reasons you should go NOW!

Oh Chinguacousy Park…I wasn’t going to write about you but, seeing how you have been such a big part of my life, I’ve decided to. This park is the heart of Brampton. Everything happens here. It truly is a sensational park! Maybe, I just think that because I’ve grown up around it all my life but, seriously it’s got everything you need. Especially great for family outings.

Here’s what you can expect:


  1. Free parking and three lots to decide out of on this premise. I usually just park to the left of the entrance. Easy in and out. No stress. You’ll also see a Fire station which is “Stephanie’s Fire station”…just needed to point that out since that’s MY name.

2. When crossing the bridge to the right of the parking lot, you’ll go over a stream of water leading to the pond in the middle of the space. Many birds like to hang out here including the Canadian geese and loons. I would suggest bringing the end pieces to your sliced bread, or any type of bread. Guess what? These little guys aren’t picky. If your patient and wait long enough some of these birds will take the bread directly from your hand.

  1. When I wander Chinguacousy Park’s premises I usually go right. No particular reason just happens that way. There you will find a wide range of flowers, shrubs, mature trees and just over all a beautiful garden. I enjoy the grounds and find every time I visit I discover something new. Take your time. Once, when exploring over the bridge, through the trees I found a beaver. It was amazing just watching him scurry off in a tunnel then slowly emerge once he thought everything was clear. Cherish the little moments!

  1. There’s a green house around the corner where you can see more plants. With a Chapel attached to the greenhouse, it makes it easy to host wedding ceremonies here. Honestly, it’s a pretty neat place to snap some shots too. I have seen many photo shoots held on these grounds while I’m wandering. It simply is beautiful. Smells pretty too!

5. On a hot summer’s day you can also bring the kids out to the splash pad here. Public bathrooms and concessions are open in the summer. There is a skating park for the teenage boys and girls out there that need a space to practice. This park is the best! Check out their website to find out more information on recreational sports and schedules:

6. The Red Barn! Great for you mama and papa bears out there to bring your wee ones. Make sure to bring quarters as they have a feed dispenser for the goats and alpacas. They don’t bite but, rather lick the food from your palm. But, don’t worry there is also a hand washing station for after. Usually between noon and 8pm the animals are out to play!

7. Pony rides are available at the park between noon and 5:00pm for a fee. It’s an experience most children want to have. You will take joy in watching your child’s face light up. More swings and play areas around this area.


                              Take a train ride around the park with the little one!


  1. Newly renovated Chinguacousy Park homes a fantastic party facility. The cozy, open space is surrounded by natural lighting which is coming from the windows facing the peaceful water. The overall look of the secluded shelter is very urban, with its wooden paneling on the outside and exposed beams. On weekends, this section lets you rent out paddle boats for almost $10 for 30 minutes of boat time.

Be sure to check out the website as there is always some sort of event happening. It’s not all fun in the summer and nothing in the winter. In the winter they have ski, snowboard, skating and even tubbing down Mount Chinguacousy. Live music, food truck vendors and fireworks happen around national holiday’s here too. SOO much to do!

Check out my Instagram page. I’m always in this area and take photos that make me smile, I’d like to brighten up your day as well!

See you there!