Discover 5 reasons why you should visit Limehouse

Georgetown is both a charming and scenic community to visit. I do have the luxury of being quite accessible to it and have discovered a few gems along the way. A hiking trail I stumbled upon is in Limehouse, which is Georgetown’s neighbour and is considered to be part of the Halton Region. While on a drive one day, I found this hidden gem…Limehouse Conservation Area. Here’s what you can expect:


  1. When driving in, be mindful of the pot holes and your vehicle. Unpaved parking lot. But, one shouldn’t complain when it’s free entry and free parking. Did I mention, this was a hidden gem? Well, this conservation area also, has two baseball diamonds to the left and another to the right of the parking lot. I’m sure there’s a league you could join or simply get out to play with a group of friends. Or you could bring the family out for a picnic before you embark on your journey through the forest. In the middle of it all is the trail and the true reason why I visit.


  1. Continuing on the straight path you’ll find yourself at a “T” on the trail. Both paths lead you to what I call the focal point of this trail but, more of that later. Going right is evidently the longer trail but, is worth it I promise. It took my partner and me about an hour and fifteen minutes at a steady walking speed to get through it. In time, you will find yourself at a fork. The very right of the fork will lead to the baseball diamond, to the right of the parking lot, where you first started. The middle is clearly labeled Bruce Trail. The very left trail is called Black Creek. It’s a side trail with such wonderfully, picturesque views of the creek and many lookout points too. This trail will lead you to my favourite part.



  1. Now, if you would have gone let instead of right at the beginning, you would have found yourself starring at beautiful trees growing out of the rocks. Following that gaze a little further you will find a ladder leading down to a cavern called the “Hole in the Wall”. I used this time to cool off, it’s so fresh down there. Do bring lots of water and snacks on this hiking adventure, you’re going to need your energy. When coming out of the rocky crevices you will find yourself on a hill.

This is known as the “Hole in the Wall”

  1. Once, you have conquered the tree, rooted hill you’ll face another challenge. Right or left? Left leads to 5th line and up the hill to the original parking lot. Go right, then left and you’ll be guided by the sound of rushing water. My favourite part is the stony, archway over the river. I absolutely adore it and there’s something about the water that just calms me. Snap your photos and enjoy!

  1. Follow the wooden structure and it’ll lead you to mill remnants dating back to the 1800s. How cool is that?


I would suggest this trail to everyone. Bring your family here but maybe not a stroller. It is relatively easy to navigate through but, rocky at times. Hopefully I helped guide you that little bit more. Follow me on Instagram to see where I’ll take you next. Tag me in your photos. I want to see them all!