5 things to expect when exploring Sherman Falls & Tiffany Falls

If you’re anything like me you revel at the sight of waterfalls. I’ve been chasing the sound of rushing water all summer long. Recently, my partner and I found this trail and I feel like it’s the quietest thus far. With two waterfalls within hiking distance of each other it was a no brainier we needed to explore the grounds. Parking is the only thing you need to pay for. We decided on two hours and it cost us $4.00. No biggie, right?

Here’s what else you can expect:

  1. When driving on Old Dundas Rd follow the road signage to the Bruce Trail parking lot. You will pass the trails entrance so, pay attention as you will need to double back by foot after you park. This very short path will lead you to the beautiful Sherman Falls. Here you will see a bridge and explorers just like yourselves. In the distance, (which I’ve shared a picture of) I saw a couple in a hammock having a nap. How cool is that?


2. Entering one entrance and exiting the other way. Exiting on to Old Dundas Rd and carefully crossing the street to Bruce Trail. I enjoyed this part very much as I like to work for my views. It’s an incentive and I enjoy the journey to my destination. This trail can be a challenge at times with some rocky parts, up and down hill and narrow but, still so much fun. Our bodies were meant to move and trials like these make me feel ALIVE. Bring water and snacks!

3.Eventually, you will find yourself at a split in the trail. Go right towards the road which ends up being Montgomery Drive. Carefully, once again cross the street which leads to a parking lot and yet, another trail.

4. Following the easy trail for 10-15 minutes. You’ll see two more wooden, man-made bridges. Enjoy the space. It’s quite lovely. Great to bring little ones of any age, dogs or just a friend. This trail is for everyone!

5. The sound of the waterfall will lead you to the gorgeous Tiffany Falls. My partner and I found this waterfall to be comparable to Webster’s Falls. DEFINITELY, less grounds and amenities but, you don’t have to break any rules to get this close.

Hope this has inspired you to get out there and explore two of the many waterfalls found in Hamilton, Ontario. If you do decide to go, tag me on Instagram or Facebook. I want to see all your photos. It makes my heart smile!


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