Smokey Hollow: 5 Reasons To Visit This Sweet Spot

Waterfall chasing has put such a skip in my step this year. This one by far is my favourite trail. I like a challenge without a whole lot of danger. At the end of the day I’m still scared of heights and a little bit of a chicken when it comes to climbing up or down steep hills. HaHa!

Here is what I liked about it:

1) When entering Smokey Hollow Waterfall into your GPS it will take you to Mill St. S in Hamilton, Ontario. Parking is free but, quite tight. As always my suggestion is to go early. Try and position your car in a way you can get out, just in case someone blocks you in. People are “funny” and sometimes don’t regard your own exit. This happened to us, unfortunately.

The stairs the leads you down to the falls

2) There is a look-out point to the falls right off the parking lot. Here you can decide if this is as far as you go, which some do. Hopefully you choose to continue but, I know everyone has their limits. Just know this trail is more of a moderate to hard trail. That being said, I’ve seen children of all ages and dogs of all sizes make it down.

The lookout point is at the top right of this picture


3) When following the wooden steps down, let your ears and eyes guide you to your destination. I’ve read reviews of the water being brown. I guess you can say that but, I can still see the beauty. Would you agree? Comment below.

4) My partner and I had to double back up the rocky hill to get back onto the Bruce Trail. We hiked along the Grindstone Creek by going downstream, following hilly slopes and rocky areas. You’ll see runners, other hikers and even hiking groups so, stay aware of your surroundings by being courteous.

5) There is informational plaques of the trail and it’s surroundings throughout the trail. Eventually, you’ll be faced with the option to continue straight or left towards Norman Pearson side trail. Which is a whole lot of uphill and then, will lead to the road. Then, forcing you to walk along side the road to back to where you originally parked. I decided the latter and double backed. GREAT space to hang out with your little ones. I saw a family having a picnic here. So Sweet!

Hope you enjoyed this post. I also hope it inspires you to get on a hiking trail this Summer. Join my adventures through Facebook or Instagram. See you outside!