Two Hour Drive From Toronto To A This Gorgeous Suspension Bridge

I’m scared of heights! I will always try and push myself in a direction I’m uncomfortable with because without fear there would be no faith. Faith in one’s self is important,  it teaches you to be courageous and to take chances. Without risk we would simply be bored. So, I did some research and found a suspension bridge, just a couple hours away from home. Then, packed my car with necessities including hubby and away we went.

Here’s what we found:

1) Parking is free if you park at the Ranney’s Suspension Bridge. If you have no choice and have to park at Ferris Provincial Park, there will be a small fee. Regardless there is parking on site. I’m an early bird so, we got there early. Haha! It pays off to wake up early…literally!

2) A hint of disappointment by some people who strolled in off the parking lot. Why disappointment? Because, there was no trail to get here. No effort was had when we parked for free. But, I’d still tell you to do the drive because there is a trail past that “scary”  bridge. The meshed, metal bridge hovers 30 feet above Ranney Gorge just south of the falls and over Trent River in Campbellford. The 2 hour drive from Toronto is pretty scenic and if you do decide to take the back roads, it’s even better!

3) At the end of the bridge to the left you will find yourself wandering the tall trees and the very easy River Gorge trail. On your adventure through the woods let the roar of Ranney Falls guide you to its glory. Little bit steeper here but, doable for most. Eventually, the trail lead you to a parking lot. Assuming that’s where all these lovely campers parked their vehicles.


4) The walking trail to the right of the bridge is called Drumlin Trail. It cancels out all noise pollution we are used to and the sweet sounds of nature replaces it. You’ll also find breaks in the trees allowing you to see the Trent River at a closer view. Wait long enough and you’ll see boats passing through. Smile and wave!

5) Eventually, the breaks in the trees become gaps, revealing the river and its long stretched beauty. What really made us think about camping, was when we started seeing fishermen on the trail. People of all ages were here with their kids, dogs or even by themselves; set up to fish. With families jumping into their swim suits and submerging into the water in the far distance. Everyone simply enjoying the weather, the beautiful space and what wonders Mother Nature has to offer.

I hope I’ve inspired you to do the road trip and check out this space. Maybe, I’ve even inspired you to go camping. *GASP* How cool would that be? I think I’m going to head down to Algonquin Provincial Park this Summer. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see where else I’ll go.