6 reasons to visit Albion Falls & it’s surroundings

Hamilton bound again. I’ve ventured off to Albion Falls and it’s surroundings. I usually like wandering the trail before seeing the main attraction—makes me feel like I earned it somehow. Coming to Albion the falls is right off the road and easy to get to but, apparently difficult on the way down. Sunday of that weekend I visited Albion Falls for the first time EVER…a woman unfortunately, fell and broke her leg—OUCH! That was the last straw for the city of Hamilton. Now, it’s all fenced off but, here’s why I’m still encouraging you to go visit:

My little spot to chill when I’m tired from my walking trail (see #5)

1) Three parking lots around Albion Falls offers FREE parking. Yay! But, be warned this means crowds; my suggestion is to always go early to avoid any issues

2) Red Hill Trail is clearly labelled on signs and that path I took first, later cost me my view. However, it’s a lovely trail and will take you through a loop of trees. Signage will caution guests of poison ivy. Just be mindful of your surroundings and don’t veer off the path. Here’s what it looks like:

3) At this point you’ve walked a fair bit and you’ll start seeing breaks in the path to the right. Lookout points to Buttermilk Falls. The graffiti is unfortunate and hate that people feel the need to vandalize but, if you look past it the falls is lovely. The view of the trees is what took my breath away.

4) Now, you’ll find yourself on the road for a short time and then another parking lot (Oak Knoll Park). The trail continues and easy to pick back up. Throughout this trail you’ll find yourself at a fork in the path. My hubby and I decided on veering off the trail towards the Bruce Trail until we saw the stream. This hidden little gem was deserted at the time and worth stopping for. We always pack snacks and enjoyed it here.

My toes had a little dip!

5) Double back to the fork in the path to get back because the Bruce Trail will lead you to a golf course and past it a mess of weeds. The trail needs some upkeep and I wouldn’t suggest going that way. But, that being said that’s just me and you do as you wish. Stay hydrated though!

Where you’ll come up from when your done with your snacks!
Just the start of the unruliness

6) When we did decide that we wanted to see Albion Falls it was crowded. There was a line up to go down the steep hill to even see the falls. My hubby and I decided it was best if we came back another day. Boy do I regret that decision! The next day, a woman fell and broke her leg. Well, that was the last straw for Hamilton due to a couple of deaths this year. So sad but, as a result it’s fenced off. I have attached a photo from my friend Vanessa who has made it down before the closures happened. You should check out her page. She loves nature and aims to inspire her community on a daily bases.

Photo taken by Vanessa

Hope you do decide to check out this spot. Two views of a water falls and a hidden little gem I’m sure most are unaware of. Shhh…our little secret. Follow my journey through my social media outlets by clicking which one you’d prefer Instagram or Facebook. SEE you wanders later 😉